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Friday, November 20, 2020

40mm Samurai terrain objectives


This is old stuff, but I wanted to re-post it since I took a new photo of all of my terrain objective pieces together. I won't get into how I made all of these, but I believe the base sizes are 120mm, if you were thinking of having a go.

I haven't added much to the collection in the past couple years, except for a couple new travellers, a samurai and a couple ashigaru, all of whom need to be assembled and painted. The collection isn't complete, however; I have two or three unfinished commissions yet with Steve Barber; once those are done, I will probably make one more big purchase -- a few more Ashigaru to complete some warbands for Test of Honour, and a few more civilians, enough to fill up the streets of a post town. I think it's about time to bring the Samurai collection to a close.

This peasant, complete with custom-hammered
yari, was the first figure I completed for my
collection of samurai by Steve Barber Models

The commissions I have left are an unarmored samurai commander/lord on his horse, a boy leading a supply horse, and an ashigaru in campaign dress (extra sandals hanging from his belt, rice rations wrapped around, a furoshiki slung over his back, and a weapon (your choice) resting over his shoulder.-- I plan to get a half dozen of them to form a small column with the commander and a supply horse or two.

The very last thing I want to add to the Samurai is a (scratch-built) tea house/inn with a fully furnished interior. I'm still busy with many other projects (miniature and real life,) so even though I say this collection is coming to a close, it is still far into the future :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Zombicide Dragons

 I had finished the necromantic dragon (on the right) a few months ago, but only recently finished the feral dragon (on the left.) 

Both dragons were heavily drybrushed in layers (going from dark to light). To add some vareity to the skin tones, I drybrushed some purple, trying to blend the edges as best I could into the base skin color below. I blocked in the boney plates (drybrushing the highlights) on the necro dragon and the metal armor on the feral dragon. Then the details (teeth, eyes etc) were added carefully later. 

We like to create themed teams for Zombicide,
such as Santa and his Elves.
They make quite the display on the Zombicide (Black Plague) board, and add an element of gameplay that isn't too overwhelming. My wife and I looove the Zombicide series; despite its shortcomings -- lack of variety in missions, simple gameplay, repetitive nature -- we still love it for its co-op nature, and as a vehicle to allow us to field epic characters, moving, slaying, and laying waste to the hordes of walkers, runners and fatties. 

We've even made several custom characters -- including cards -- to add to our collection, which is still not yet finished being painted (but it's close!!!) Her favorite survivors/teams are the dwarves, while my favorites are the barbarians and bug guys. We're also partial to elves and good old-fashioned, run-of-the-mill, medieval fighters. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Status update

(The Tyrant from the game Chronicles of Hate -- 
just to show everyone I'm indeed still painting :)
Hello to all my patient, patient followers. Just a quick update: Yes, I'm still painting minis, in fact, I've painted more in the past 6 weeks than I have in the past full year! Part of that is because I lost my job after 17 years at the newspaper. And while it was a little bittersweet, I've moved on to my next endeavor as a freelance illustrator! 

I've already done work for Hydra Miniatures (doing the back covers of the War Rocket and Retro Raygun rulebooks), and I'm doing ongoing work for Test of Honour (2nd edition) by Grey for Now Games. I also have a few pieces in the scenario book for Space Cadets Away Missions (many of which you can find in this blog long before the art was published.)

As part of going freelance, I've created a website where you can view example pieces of art and request illustrations. Check it out, pass the word and share the link! And yes, I will still try to update this blog, too, at least more so than I have in the past few years (I still need to set up a mini photo studio).

Here's that link:
I hope you enjoy the art!

One more -- the Um'Gra tribe from Hate:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Zombicide Invader teams

Here are a few of the core and expansion box teams from Zombicide Invader (as well as the companions and a few extras we've finished in between.)
The great thing about most of these minis is that they were painted by my wife; she has picked up much of my slack!

Sorry for the over-exposure on some of these; while my wife seems to improve her painting every day, I have yet to figure out the settings on my iphone camera :) 

Test of Honour 2nd edition

WOW! Has it really been a year and a half since I last posted?! Well, now that I think about it, the subject of this post does seem to coincide with the beginning of that time period (well, then there was also a year of wedding planning and then those couple months taking care of the wife after she broke her arm).
Back in November 2018, I received a message from Graham Davey asking if I would like to illustrate the 2nd edition of the tabletop samurai skirmish game, "Test of Honour." Draw samurai? Hells to the yes! I completed the first 20 or so images for the core box in a month. And then have been receiving requests for several different samurai and factions since then -- maybe 75 different illustrations plus a score or so of promo art I did for free because I wanted to have some more fun.
This marks my first fully-paid freelance job, and how sweet it is that I get to draw samurai as if I was still in the back of the classroom of my high school art class doodling samurai.
Since then, I've also been asked by Hydra Miniatures to provide a few illustrations for their upcoming miniatures game, "Atomic Tank." In the past I've also done some fan art for Space Cadets Away Missions that were published in the rules and kickstarter scenario/art book, but I wasn't paid for those. Still, I think I can consider myself an official board game illustrator :)
Anyway, I HAVE actually finally got back to painting some miniatures -- for Conan (by Monolith), Rise of Moloch and Zombicide Invader (both by CMON.) And I hope to be able to do more soon.
In the meantime, here are a few illustrations I did for Test of Honour. (I can't post anything from Atomic Tank yet since that game has yet to be published.)
Maybe, if I get just enough energy, I'll post a photo of some more minis painted these past few months....

Note: This is based on an American Civil War painting. I did this one as a tribute to that original composition.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

40mm Japanese civilians

I've been away from painting the minis for the past several weeks while working with a new deadline at the newspaper, but I managed to finish a few these past few days.
I can't remember the name of the company, but the ferns (which were repainted) and the wind-bent tall grass (not repainted) came from a set of mainstream model railroading scenery (mainstream enough to be available at Hobby Lobby.) The bush of blue flowers is also from that same company.
The flowers the flower vendor is carrying are from which recently shipped out the tufts as part of a kickstarter campaign.
It's getting to the point where I'm about to have more civilians than fighter; no problem with that -- I love a well-populated game!
I have several more figures on the table yet, mostly conversions of the same poses -- did you notice the flower vendor and the peasant walking in the wind are the same figure? They just have different heads and reposed arms (+ the flowers for the vendor.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

40mm zen garden and WIP

My latest terrain piece for my 40mm samurai collection: The bamboo wall is made from a strip of place mat, the path and zen rock garden are sculpted from green stuff, the flowers are hibiscus shrubs by JTT scenery, the base is a 120mm round by Proxie Models, and the woman is by Steve Barber Models.

FYI, if you like Japanese minis gaming, I recommend the Fuedal Japanese Miniatures group over on Facebook. I will be posting much of my Japanese stuff there, too -- the posts here and there will be a bit the same, just in case you prefer one-stop-browsing :)

I have one more 120mm base left, so I think I will do a rocky creek with plenty of ferns. Might be a while, I still have a bunch of new converted Japanese figures to paint!

Friday, April 27, 2018

40mm painted Japanese townsfolk

Here are recent commissioned sculpts from Steve Barber Models, all painted. These are the figures as you can purchase them. Later, I'll have a few more based on conversions of these and other figures.
It was nice to do some larger scale figures after a year or so spent on painting board game figures. It was also nice to break open the basing supplies -- it might be over a year since I've actually done any scenic bases!
We have, from left, a (happy) woodsman, Komuso monk, and a peasant woman. Nothing was changed with any of them, though, the peasant woman comes with an alternate pack (smaller bundles of wood.) The packs are separate, and I made sure to have Steve sculpt every angle of the packs so that they could also be used as pieces of scenery/accessories (many packs are not sculpted on the side that will be attached to a figure.)
I have a couple more 40mm Japanese figures to paint (with another batch in the post.) Elizabeth also has a copy of a Komuso monk to paint -- her first large scale figure. And then it's back to the Rise of Moloch figures -- so much to paint!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

New 40mm sculpts by Steve Barber

New commission pieces by Steve Barber Models! Sorry for the poor photo quality, I wanted to get these posted. They are, from left, a Komuso monk, a woodsman, a peasant girl, and a conversion made using the woodsman, a spare head of an old man, and a pack option that goes with the peasant girl (all packs are separate and interchangeable to provide plenty of conversion options.) The girl's pack is a basket of persimmons.
I have more commissions scheduled for the future! The next year or two will see a couple travellers of the Tokaido road, a boy with a pack horse (the boy will also be able to hold the hand of the peasant girl here,) a Buddhist pilgrim, a running messenger, and possibly a shamisen player (walking as a busker.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Conan: Kushite witch hunters

These are the Kushites from the Conan board game (by Monolith.) I've also painted Ageera and Amboola here so I could make a full squad of six figures -- why? Because I'm using this set not to play Conan, but with Zombicice: Black Plague! And they cleaned house the first time we played with them.
These were also my first set of figures painted using a new tiny brush. So the beads and ornaments were easier to do. I've wanted to paint these for so long, but had been intimidated by the details -- until I got that brush (the brush is nothing special -- just a $5 student grade watercolor brush with a good point.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

World of Smog: Rise of Moloch

When these arrived, we launched into painting them with gusto. I think my girlfriend is past learning the painting ropes and is now gaining some great experience; most of these were painted by her within a week!
I'm not going to describe these figures in detail, but this batch is enough to play the first two scenarios provided in the base game. My girlfriend has also painted a few miscellaneous figures for the next scenario(s), but I'll post those later.
Why am I falling behind? I also received my first copies of my latest 40mm samurai commissions from Steve Barber Models which I've been prepping -- it's been a long time since I've prepped metal figures. I'll post those sculpts soon (priming and painting yet to be done, too.)
For now, enjoy Rise of Moloch gallery:

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Santa for Zombicide Black Plague

 In my previous post, I showed some of the themed teams we use for Zombicide Black Plague; I also mentioned some of our custom survivors; here is my favorite customized survivor: Santa!!
If you have a little bit of skill with green stuff, here are the few steps I took to make Santa -- there was no cutting or bending; it was all adding, sculpting and painting.
I started with Arnaud from the hero box. He has that great ornate tunic. And I like his torch as an homage to fireplaces. Along with his beard, hat and fringe, I also gave him some longer Viking hair in the back, as well as a backpack and a small tribute to his bag of toys.

BUT OF COURSE, I will be giving Santa his own group: Santa and the Elves.