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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: Large dog (or wolf)

So the original dogs I picked up were just too small for my tastes to be hunting dogs. This one is nice and large -- ok, maybe just a tad too large -- but I like it. This figure can be used as a hunting dog or a wolf to be hunted when playing Tusk.

This figure is actually Reaper's current warg figure. I painted a dark brown base on the upper portions of its body, and a light tan on the lower portion, blending the colors in the middle. The rest of the painting was just lighter and lighter layers of drybrushing (and some minor detail work on the teeth and eyes), then some dark brown ink.

I based this figure differently than the tribe because I may use it for different things; This figure may double as Slasher for my Conan collection (if it happens.) As a Hyborean beast, I can more easily accept his larger size.

I'll still paint up the other dogs I have. A couple of them will work just fine as smaller camp dogs. The last one I'll paint up to partner up with my Kyran the Hunter shaman figure.

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  1. That wolf looks the part! You really nailed the fur coloring too.

    Thanks for the tip on the greenstuff cloaks, very useful info! And for the tip on the Rums too :) I'll see if I can find either of those. I just found a bottle of Van Winkle's Reserve Rye which is long out of production, so I'm /very/ excited. Now to not drink it all at once. :P