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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rackham Confrontation wizard started

I forget which wizard this is, specifically. That's not important; I'm painting him for fun. I've had him sitting around for a while and decided it was his turn to get some color. I wanted to share him with you all at this stage because I like this burnt orange palette I've used on his cloak.
The colors used from base to highlight (all Wargames Foundry paints) were Dusky Flesh 6B, Orange Shade 3A, Orange 3B, Orange light 3C, Yellow light 2C and (just a spot of) Raw Linen 30C.
The front and back tabards have been started with Storm Blue, but will be finished with a lighter blue. (I'll get those final colors posted when I actually decide which ones to use.) The tabard trim and cartouches all will be in metallic gold. Books, potions and and other accessories will just be a hodge-podge palette.
Still haven't decided on a color for the snake at his feet (you can see it to the left of the wizard's feet in the third photo.) That snake was another one of my early green stuff creation. Reminds me of a Far Side cartoon when god is creating snakes by rolling them out of clay, and he thinks to himself, "These are easy!"

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