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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mordheim Reiklander youngblood

Here's one more for the display shelf. Not my best, but much better than he was. Sometime soon, I'll take an ensemble photo of all the display pieces. Looking back, I wish I had painted the figures to represent each of the city-states/provinces/states of the Empire (for you Warhammer fans who are in the know.) Maybe I'll go truckin' through eBay, and maybe they'll have a bunch of classic metal halberdiers that need some painting.

The other figure is the champion from the previous post after being rebased. MUCH better, I think. I only had to retouch his footwear.

1 comment:

  1. Really nice painting. I keep coming back to your blog quite regularly, and I'm always impressed by your stuff - even if it dates back to your early days, the painting shows your great ability in handling colours and techniques.

    Very inspiring, the more as I'm a big fan of those classic GW Imperials and Landsknecht fashion in general.

    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the excellent work!