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Friday, February 19, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Just starting

So, I've swapped a few parts, and have my gladiator types set. I will be redoing a few things including adding one or two horse-hair crests, replacing the feather plumes on my thraex with feathers of my own making (using the same method as I used on this plume, except smaller).

I'll also be pounding out new swords, even though the original swords are strong and in great shape; I just like knowing that the weapons in their little hands came from my little anvil. The hoplomachii will receive brass rod spears, and the retiarius a new brass rod pole for his trident (even the trident head is stronger than it looks: Mark that up to whatever metal mix Blackcat uses.)

I've chosen 60mm lipped display bases for he gladiators. They'll actually fit on 40mm bases with ease, but I wanted something to emphasize their individuality. The extra space also gives me space to put other stuff such as dropped weapons, equipment, or dismembered body parts.

So the parts have been washed and grouped, the tools are out, it's time to start assembling some fighters.


  1. hello.
    I love what you do, great achievements. is superb.
    you have given me want to do the same thing
    Small question
    brass rod, diameter, 2 or 3 mm ?
    Thank you and good continuation


  2. Hi, Christophe. Since I live in the United States, our brass rod is sold in english units (I use 3/64 inch). But you can use both 2mm and 3mm. 2mm will be easier for small connections (or for parts you want to drill that don't have a lot of surface area); 3mm will be better for stronger connections and for making blades. If you can only choose one, I would use 2mm.
    Or use a size for whichever is easiest to find the correct drill bit.