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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick update: A few fighters ordered

GN-13 Street Toughs from Copplestone Casting's Gangsters range
My current stable of pulp boxers/fighters don't quite fill a small Chessex case, so I've ordered one more pack of Copplestone Casting's Street Toughs pack (GN-13). I actually already have a couple sets of this pack, but there is enough potential for conversion in it, I think. Conversions I plan for this latest copy of the set include making a couple of the fighters bareheaded; adding a hat to one who has no hat (probably could just do one head swap?); and extending the last one's jacket into a pea coat, so that he looks more as if he belongs on the wharf.

I've also have a couple beat cops I'm going to paint up. Sure, why not, they can join in the fight, too.

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