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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small samurai update (and smaller barbarian)

I've got a couple layers thrown onto my last samurai. In the meantime, I've started a Reaper barbarian that I've had primed for a few months.

The samurai will get a yellow sashimono with a skull in a pool of blood (something a little bit different from the sashimono on my other samurai.)
Again, I'm stuck on a lacing color. I'll probably just end up grabbing a color at random off the rack.

I tried something slightly different with the barbarian. Instead of dark gray as a first layer on the furs, I used a dark french gray (and it was plenty blue.) It seems to work well.

Once these two are done, I don't have any plans for what to paint next, but I do have the roof of my Japanese peasants house yet to finish. Maybe my next thing will be to actually play a game or two with the samurai (Hmm, Two Hour Wargames Red Sands Blue Skies? or Chain Reaction Swordplay?)

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