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Monday, September 24, 2012

Reaper hordlings

I got these little guys to beef up my Low Life miniatures collection which, as it turns out, doesn't need any more beef after a very successful Kick Starter campaign. These are Reapers Hordlings (No. 3573). I tore the wings off the purple hordling- I wanted him to look a little less like a baby Cthulhu (which I also have somewhere around here). I saved the wings, though. I might use them on something else, even as tiny as they are.

These wee fellas stand close to 20mm tall. They resemble scary ass muthas (one of the creatures from the Low Life universe), having little monsterous bodies and long, spindly limbs, so I will use these as either low-level scary ass mutha leaders, or as simply some more distinctive scary ass muthas to go along with the batch that already comes in the Kick Starter package.  (There are also the Scarier Ass Mutha and the Queen Mutha.)

Painting these was easy; I basecoated with the shade color, drybrushed the middle hue, and then took a tiny bit more effort in picking out the highlights. Then I painted eyes and mouths black (sort of as a "re-priming") and finished those up with a green (eyes) and bone (teeth.)  I like these little guys; I might pick up a few more, but I'll wait to see how much painting is headed my way with the other Low Life miniatures. (I also have Bones figures and, maybe later, some more post-apoc gladiators coming in the next few weeks.)

In the meantime, I also have some of Reaper's Mushroom Men (sculpted by Jason Wiebe who is doing many of Low Life's miniatures.) The mushroom men are proving a touch difficult- there is a lot of detail on them. Perhaps they won't actually be "difficult," they'll just take a little longer as I (try to) take my time working on all the details (there are mushrooms upon mushrooms, though only three actual figures).


  1. These look marvellous. Not my cup of tea. But they are very nice eye candy. Look forward to seeing the shrooms and the Low-Life figures when they land

  2. I love the colors. And you could use them as little annoying demons for your Ghostbusters to zap! Great job.