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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hats, for the more fashionable samurai

Sorry for the crappy focus, but you get the idea :)
With some more Steve Barber samurai (mostly peasants) coming in the post, I got right to making some accessories for them. First up are a few new hats. One or two of the peasants will get one, and the samurai/ronin will get the other.

To make these, I used my method of making shields for my 54mm apocalators. You can read about that technique at the end of this blog post. Then I used a needle to inscribe the straw lines into a couple of the hats (leaving the other as a leather jingasa type hat.) And that's all there is to that!

Well, a couple things I'll need to plan for: To fit these hats onto the figures, I'll need to file the tops of the heads a little bit. I'll also need to add straps; I will add those after the hats have been fitted and glued into place.

Next up, I need to make some new weapons for the new figures, including another katana blade, nagimaki (glaive-like polearm), tsuchi (big hammer), ono (axe) and one or two yari (spears - though, I may already have a couple of these in the spare parts box.)

It's gonna be nice to dig out the hammer and anvil again!


  1. Nice. You sure do get your mileage out of those paint pots.

  2. I will be stealing this idea to make some straw hat for my oriental theme warhammer ogres.