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Saturday, June 8, 2013

42mm Samurai: Ashigaru wip

Just a quick update, here is the Kaage retinue, ashigaru all in haori jackets.
All the weapons are pounded out, shaped and filed. The bows will be glued in and strung once the haori are finished.

The haori represent about three or four days' work, on-and-off. I'm doing the jackets in steps so I can try to keep the lines clean and blended. For each step, I use a flattened piece of uncured green stuff that I've cut into a specific pattern, depending on where it'll be placed on the figure. I started with shoulders, then did front lapels and upper backs, allowing the green stuff to cure fully between each step. Later, I'll go back and patch up any stray cracks or seams.

Hmm, now that I know that I can (sort of) do haori, I wonder how difficult it would be to use the technique to make longer robes? Then I could make some sohei! (warrior monks.)


  1. These look great. Its shame your doing yours in 42mm scale. Northstar Military figures are doing a range with Osprey's ruleset called Ronin due out in a few months and monks are one of there releases. I have to admit it has me a bit inspired to dabble a bit in the way of the samurai.

    1. I've seen those Ronin figures- they look great. Ronin, in fact, was the reason I bought this latest group of samurai/ashigaru. I have enough figures (with this group along with my existing collection) for a couple Bushi buntai and a bandit buntai (using my peasants).

      For monks, I'm looking at all the available 42s and thinking about how I can convert them. I think I can do it- wouldn't be too difficult, but it would take some time.

      For me, the fun in 42mm is the challenge in figuring out how to convert existing minis into those that don't exist.

    2. Yeah I'll bet it is. They look great. I'll stick to 28 I think I can reuse the buildings being released from this KS well when they are released to the general public for gaming 7TV as well :D Plus whatever shenanigans I can set in an oriental setting :D