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Monday, July 22, 2013

Reaper Bones: Cloud full of ladies

This is the translucent Bones version of Reaper's "Ghostly Summons" (3395) figure. I didn't originally intend on painting it, but it just seemed naked without any paint.

This one was a little difficult: The facial features were tiny and hard to find on the translucent plastic; there were a lot of limbs to look for (and I was trying to paint the women without getting any paint on the mists part of the figure); and, unlike most of the other Bones figures, there were a couple mold lines I had to carefully cut away.

But the figure is finished, and it looks nice. Not sure what Jeff will do with it, if anything; maybe he can use it to distract his players while he sets up something mean and ugly for them to fight (during D&D.)

Update: This translucent figure (as well as the metal version) is actually for sale individually now at Reaper. It is No. 77095.


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  2. That's an interesting looking mini, I think you've done a great job there. Perhaps I should have paid more attention during the bones kickstarter.

  3. Amazing sculpts, and a great combination of painted and translucent elements in the final product. I like the warm, ruddy fleshtones conrasting the jade-like clear resin. This one really is unique.

  4. Nailed the flesh and the shading. Beautiful stuff.

  5. It would sit nicely in any classic art collection

  6. I would never have thought to paint them up with fleshtones, but that looks fantastic!