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Friday, October 18, 2013

54mm Machinas: Next project

Working on my 54mm/1:32 scale version of Saint Chevy's Impala. This is a '59 Impala, complete with rocket tubes and a nice big 20mm gun.

These larger models are made by Arko, and they are a perfect fit for my 54mm Bronze Miniature's figures. I think I'll order a few more soon, so that they'll be ready for my next vacation which is in just a couple weeks (stay-cation).

Other models I plan on replicating. Yep, I think I even found a
decent 1954 Chevy Bel Air to do Colonel Jack's Special (far right.)
I'm trying to do larger replicas of the smaller cars. Seeing what's available, I think all but one (of five planned cars) will be rebuilds of the smaller cousins, and the last will at least be inspired by one of the smaller designs if not an exact copy.

The larger vehicles may also get extra accessories like baggage or chains, since such items are easier to make at the larger scale. And, like the Impala here, I like the hoodless look, with the engine exposed, so one or two of the other cars may get the same treatment. Unfortunately, the engines are molded into the design, so I won't be able to tear them out of any closed-hood vehicles.

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