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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Zombicide skinner zombies (+Mice and Mystics)

My early shipment of Zombicide: Rue Morgue arrived today, so I primed up a few volunteer figures and did a quick, monochrome color test. The original plastic has an interesting color; the color -- to me -- looked almost yellow ochre in the KS photos (as well as under certain lights at home,) but are actually a subtle light green (not as neon as the Toxic zombies from Toxic City Mall.)

Instead of fighting with my greens to find a palette that would differ enough from the TCM zombies, I went ahead and chose the more ochre/beige palette. The colors here are actually Foundry's Buff Leather triad with a final highlight of Linen (on the skin.) I like the colors, and they contrast nicely against my other monochromatic zombies.

When the Seeker zombies arrive, I plan on doing them in either purple or blue (probably blue.) They come molded in black, but that would be too close to my gray zombies. I thought about using Foundry's Storm Blue, but that might also stray a little close to the gray palette. As for the skinners, I may try one or two more ideas along the lines of light brown, but I very much like my first choice here.

Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales
Molox the mole; he's a big'un.
I got a nice start on my Downwood Tales figures, finishing heroes Ansel and Jakobe, and the minion Molox. I kept the colors consistent with the illustrations on the cards and in the book, except for Jakobe. Jakobe is a gecko and is described as having bright green skin, but I chose ochre (must be my ochre week) for his skin, copying the color scheme of a gecko owned by a friend of mine (Jeff, who commissions a bunch of my minis painting.)

I've started a couple other figures, but I imagine my Mice and Mystics figures will be my filler figures (I rarely get to play, so there is no hurry to paint them.) I should be able to get my zombies done in one or two settings, so I may return to the Mice and Mystics before too long. And yes, I still have a few Rogue Planet figures, but that's all -- just three projects.

Mouse hero Ansel.
Gecko hero Jakobe (done with ochre skin instead of green.)


  1. I like Ansel and Jakobee ! excellent choice of colours and ... painting work!

  2. Ansel looks right out of the MouseGuard comics!

    Really nice work here mate.

  3. Excellent painting! I might get me that Zombicide one day... seems to be a great game.

    1. It certainly is fun. If you get it, I recommend the first main box (the red one); it will give you the best experience and provide plenty of gaming.

      If you want to go a little further, I recommend this latest box (Rue Morgue) + a box or two of other zombie types (Berserkers for sure, so you can play scared). This option will give you plenty of variety as well as 12 survivors instead of 6.

      Toxic City Mall is an excellent addition to either main box set.
      Prison Outbreak is the most difficult of the three main boxes; I would recommend getting it last if at all.

  4. The new zombies look great, as do the M&M figures. I can see these new zombies are going to cause me problems with colours :/

    1. I had the same thought when I first saw them -- another reason I went with the beige colors.

    2. At least you had the sense to do each zombie type a completely different colour, rather than my b&w with one spot colour

  5. These look so nice - Ansel in particular is lovely!