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Monday, January 26, 2015

Kickstarter: Space Cadets/Away Missions

So, I decided to pull the trigger on the Kickstarter for Space Cadets: Away Missions.

"But, Carmen, aren't you already a backer on the Conan Kickstarter??"
"Yes, MOM!"

But I got a generous tax refund, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. A few things pulled me to this game: Unlike Conan (which I LOVE for the theme), Space Cadets can be played solo; It reminds me a bit about Zombicide but it feels a little more complex -- I can chain together a few more actions using one action point (depending on dice rolls); I'm a sucker for the 1950s retro theme; and since it's inspired by 1950s retro, I can paint all the minis in monochromatic black and white, so the painting will go fast.

Did I mention there's a pledge level if you just want the minis?

For painting, the plan is to not paint the heroes in full color (like I did in Zombicide), but to paint them in the monochromatic hue of their character (blue, red, yellow, purple etc.) I want them to stand out a little from the aliens, but I want to stick close to a pure monochromatic scheme for all the minis. Another option may be to do the heroes in black and white, but paint the rim of the bases in their proper colors.

Anyway, if you like 1950s retro scifi, solo/coop games, and fun (if not necessarily amazing) minis, check out Space Cadets: Away Missions. And if you're quick to pledge, you may still snag one of the "free shipping" pledge levels!

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