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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Space Cadets: Rocketeers

And here are my Rocketeers for Space Cadets: Away Missions. Nothing much innovated here; I painted them up just like on the box.

I'm happy that I got everything painted up so fast. It's nice to get a project cleared off the table before the next one arrives (I have two minis games "scheduled" to arrive in October -- Dragon Tides and Mercs.) In the interim, I should be able to finish up some older 40mm samurai (and maybe the newer palanquin retinue, too.)


  1. I like the simple colour palettes on these. Very effective on some very nice sculpts.

  2. excellent figures and perfect painting work !

  3. Nice job. Will you be putting these miniatures to use in some game then?

    1. Yep- these go to the new board game "Space Cadets: Away Missions," by Stronghold Games. I had my first play last night; it was great fun!