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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Zombicide Invader teams

Here are a few of the core and expansion box teams from Zombicide Invader (as well as the companions and a few extras we've finished in between.)
The great thing about most of these minis is that they were painted by my wife; she has picked up much of my slack!

Sorry for the over-exposure on some of these; while my wife seems to improve her painting every day, I have yet to figure out the settings on my iphone camera :) 


  1. Oh, they're very nice. I like the cohesion vs individuality of your colour scheme choices for the various groups.

    Rant about helmets.

  2. You lucky b***ard, I can't get mine to do anything!

    She even sculpted a mini once but she rather play a game than 'invest in non gaming time'.

    Green squad really stands out from the other two, but for some reason not having any texture on the bases makes them look kinda unfinished (to my taste).

    GJ anyways.

    1. Hehe! Yeah, I got super lucky. She paints more than me, now!!
      Point taken on bases; At least with these (I do base most of my other stuff), we don't notice the black bases once the figures are on the heavily detailed boards.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ed -- Also good to hear from you! I duck into the THW store now and gain to see what's new.
      I've been illustrating games lately -- check out Test of Honour 2nd Edition. I'm also doing some stuff For Steve Barber (Models) for fun.

    2. That's your work? Very impressive stuff. Take care,