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Friday, February 19, 2021

Catching Up: Okko


Okko is the most recent game that we have started painting. By "we" I mean Elizabeth -- my wife. 

I got lucky finding her. She is a monster (in a good way) at the painting table -- with a better paint-work ethic than me. We've divided up the figures between us to lighten the load, and she has finished most of hers from the previous games mentioned earlier on this blog -- so she's moved on to Okko, a nice-looking 1-vs-many miniatures board game based on the comic of the same name. 

Elizabeth only has a few things painted, having only started two or three weeks ago, but it's a few things more than I have done. The images here are all her painting. I still have stuff from Rise of Moloch to paint!

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  1. Very attractive set of minis. I like the HATE teams as well.