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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Small break

Just taking a break for a few days from painting. I've been at it pretty good for the last few months. I'm also waiting for my shipment of brand new paints! I decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra few dollars on some Foundry paint. Having repainted one of my old Foundry swashbucklers (the halberdier seen in my last post,) I decided to repaint a few more.

But this time, I wanted to start anew; I completely cleaned off my work table, gave it a quick scrubdown. Moved some primed yet unpainted minis off to the lead mountain for another day, stripped the paint, cleaned, primed and rebased a few of my swashbucklers, and ordered the paint (along with a small sea dogs cannon crew.)

I'm gonna try to approach the project differently, too; Instead of painting 3 to 5 minis at the same time, I'm going to paint them one at a time, not starting a new one until the last one has been finished.

And since my swashbucklers are sea dogs, I may have to build another boat; A small late 16th century ship- nothing big - no galleons - just something large enough to hold my meager selection of figures.

I'll still paint with my Reaper (Pro) paints. They'll certainly not leave my table; Reaper makes a good paint. But the Sea Dogs will get the Foundry paints.

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