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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dad's been workin' on the ship!

Here's a few more pics of Dad's ship. The barbette of that gun has a plastic bag inside of it connected to the gun barrels. A little talcum powder is put into the barrels, then the bag is given a squeeze, and BOOM! Ok, well it doesn't go boom, but the powder shoots out simulating firing guns.

It's pretty cool. Watching him build this (through pictures) reminds me of the old days when I'd sit in the basement with him and watch him build model airplanes. I remember as a kid thinking that was about the coolest thing ever, him building and painting those models, making it look so easy. He still has some kick-ass modeling skills. I get it from him, and he got it from my grandfather who built dollhouses from scratch.

For me, modeling, painting, converting etc, is done for a couple reasons: To have some figures for playing wargames or RPGs, to practice another area of art, and to get into a good zen mode. When I paint, my mind is focused on one thing; Sure, I'll sit there with thoughts of the day going through my head, but after a while at the painting table, my mind clears and my only thoughts are, "Put paint on figure. Clean brush. Dip brush into new color. Apply to figure. And so on."
I come out of a good session of painting with a clear mind: Painter's nirvana, ahhhhhhhhh.

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  1. That's interesting. I'm good to hear someone else say that. I experience the same thing. To the extent that I've lost time while painting. All I will remember is "red" or "blue" or whatever. But I'll be staring at a finished figure, or a bunch of work on one that I have no memory of! But it's very relaxing.