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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(Shameless plug) When in Kansas City...

...or more specifically, Overland Park, Kansas, have a visit to Table Top Games and Hobby. Lots of minis (including a lot of stuff I usually have to get through mail order) good terrain/modelling/basing/painting bits, a good selection of games (board and RPG) and an excellent collection of painted figures on display. The shop also has a very nice and comfortable gaming room with what looked like a dedicated painting area.
The place is a little difficult to find, it doesn't have a storefront that can be seen from the road, but it's worth the little search. You could also give the owner, Phill, a call (913-962-4263) and he could probably guide you to his store better than I.
I don't normally plug stores, but this one was nice, and the inventory seemed very minis and mini-painting friendly. And Phill (Phill, was that you I spoke to?) was a friendly and knowledgeable person. All my visits to Uncle Nick and Aunt Dani will now include visits to Table Top Games.
Phone: 913-962-4263
Web Site:
Physical address: 6840 W. 105th St., Overland Park, KS 66212

Note: To follow up the Baron's comment below, here is the web site for Recruits:


  1. Seconded. When I'm in Kansas City, I don't miss a chance to visit Tabletop Games, just to look at the great displays of really well-painted miniatures.

  2. I will have to check, but I think that is just down the street from where my sister lives.

  3. Also another reason to visit KC, the RECRUITS convention in the Spring and Fall. Well worth the trip.

  4. I will now be looking forward to going to KC the next time and not just for the BBQ.