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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bases and tabletop items

I went on a walk this morning and bought some new basing supplies from three of the four hobby shops/game stores in town. On Gale Force Nine's website, they have basing sets, and one of them was "parched pasture." I liked the look of it, and want to use it for my Waiteri tribe. I wanted to see an example in person, so I threw together this base (poker chip) and added a couple of my own extras (tall grass and a 6mm autumn tuft from Army Painter.) Except for the tall grass, I like the look. It's a departure from my usual static grass+clump foliage bases. I DO like the shorter of the two tallgrass clumps, but I will still use it sparingly (maybe two or three clumps total for the whole tribe of 12.) I was thinking of doing flowers on a base or two, but I wanted the bases to reflect more of a barren (if grassy) landscape, a place that can support life, but where life can't quite thrive.

Today, I also cleaned up my table top. I also pulled out some Sculpey to play with, and threw together a few items for my tabletop. From left to right in the picture are a tool rest, a paint palette, and a well in which I can squirt a bit of superglue (and apply with the ready-to-use toothpicks.) The paint palette is a very specific/niche item in this case; I made it to fit the base of the Reaper squirt-type bottle (the only one of that type of bottle I have). While the paint jar is not in use, it sits on its own personal palette. When I need that color, I squirt a bit in the little palette and paint away. These were pretty simple to make. Roll up some Sculpey and sculpt and press with your thumbs. Cook. Done. Hmmm, I wonder what other tools/accessories I could make ....


  1. They are very "cave-man-esque".. you really are getting into character with this current project!

  2. oh, I forgot to comment about the basing. I like the burnt grass and the medium tufts. I don't like the green grass for these, but I think the burnt grass would look great complimenting some gravel. Real barren looking.

  3. Here's me REALLY being caveman-esque:

    That was a few years ago. I had two or three rum'n'cokes in me, and a shoebox filled with ochre rocks and charcoal I'd collected for this very purpose.