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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Small update: Flood delays

It might be a little bit until my next post. I have a couple friends over for a few days; they got flooded out of their place here in Ames (Iowa.) Not that I don't have time to paint and entertain all at once, but they brought their cat, and I don't like to paint with cats around (fur gets into the paint and the water etc.) And their cat likes to jump on my painting table. No biggie, I love animals, it's just gonna be awhile until I get something new painted up (or sculpted; hair will get into that Sculpey, too) until my friends can move back or into a new place.

I haven't got any new work done on the mammoth just yet. The Chronoscope figures are primed and glued to bases. And the first thing I plan to do after my friends leave is to varnish the Waiteri tribe. Until then, sit back and peruse the archives to see if theres something you may have missed. There are more than 400 posts to look through.

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