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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apocalator sculpting complete

I've finished all the sculpt work for my apocalators. I start priming tonight. Painting might not start for a while; I might get a color or two thrown on during the week, then a few more layers next weekend. (It's gonna be one of those weeks at work.)

I thought of an idea for my flamethrower guy: One of the options granted a gladiator on the attack tables (or was it maneuver?) in Red Sands Blue Sky is the ability to step back and catch one's breath. Well, last time I played (I acted as referee, actually), the players were taking this option an aweful lot. It slowed the game way down. That's where flamey comes in; I'm gonna make him my enforcer, someone to motivate the other fighters. Wanna catch your breath? Not today, not when the crowd demands blood.

And yes, the fellow on the right is gonna get a stop sign shield. I've given him the informal name of "Crossing Guard" for the time being. The lady with the axe will also get a "sign" shield of some sort. I'm not sure which. Perhaps it will be children playing sign, or a European speed limit sign.

Knowing myself, it'll probably just be a circle of rust.


  1. Really great stuff, like how they turned out.

  2. Which range are those dollies from? They're much better than ones I've seen on the Reaper site.

    Those are some nice sculpts ! Keep up the good work!

  3. Those are 54mm dollies from Bronze Age Miniatures. There are 11 male and 21 female poses. And I hear some more poses are being worked on.

    Bronze Age Minis also has 32mm "generic" dollies.