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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fire Rescue: update

Just a quick reminder that Flash Point: Fire Rescue is still available for "preorder" over at Kickstarter.
I guess it's not really preorder, but rather a chance to throw in a little money to help back the project's start. And this is no print-and-play; the quality of the prototype looks very professional.

Also, I think buy purchasing/backing through Kickstarter, that will be your only opportunity to get a second, mounted promo map, as well as some little firemeeples* (*provided the Kickstart funds reach $30,000.)

If you want to take a look at the game, there is an active entry over at BGG. Click here.
And if you want to throw some money about, you can do that at the Kickstarter website here.

I'm just bringing this up because there's only a few days left if you want the extras (the mounted map boards and maybe some firemeeples.) I know I usually hang back on stuff like this, then forget about it before it's too late.

Apocalators update:
Nothing new on that front yet. Haven't had a chance to throw any color on. It's not that work has been too bad actually; the afternoons have been a lot cooler outside, so I've been taking advantage and getting in some good walking and hiking time. In fact, on one of my hikes, I found an old-fashioned water pump. So I had me a drink of water. Sounds simple here, but it was perfect zen at the time.

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