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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Street Corner: Conversions coming along

I indeed had a bottle-shaped piece of greenstuff for the bottle my hobo is carrying: Save your bits of greenstuff! A quick note: The figure I'm using as a hobo I believe is supposed to represent the Continental Op, the original hard-boiled detective. So having him hold a bottle instead of a gun doesn't change the character much.

The ritzy man's cane was about as easy conversion as you can make.

Then we come to the football player: I looked at about every piece of greenstuff I had for making his helmet, then I saw this German colonial officer's helmet, and my mind immediately knew what to do. Yeah, yeah, I know; I mutilated one figure for the sake of another, but this German had been in my bits box for a long time. He just didn't fit in with anything else I had.
I still need to make ear flaps and sculpt a hand onto a football (if I add a football at all. I have one ball with which to try, so I might as well have a go at it.)


  1. Great stuff as always! Just have to say, as a hard core Herge fan, that dog strikes me as a spitting image of Milou. Where´s that reporter dude? what´s he´s name...

  2. Yep- I believe they are supposed to be Herge and Milou. I'm converting my Herge figure into an American football player here (second from right.)