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Friday, October 21, 2011

Street Corner: Spade

The last figures of the Sleuths pack are done -- Sam Spade and the dog, Milou. There was no conversion work for these two figures, nor was there much I could convert. I'm sure I'll think of something now that they're both painted.

That does it for the Sleuths pack. I actually enjoyed taking this long to paint one pack of figures. It's definitely a lot easier on the wallet. It's also nice to feel unhurried without a ton of packs sitting on the workbench looking at me, waiting for their turn.

I've been thinking of other things I could add to Street Corner -- Lovecraft, Weird Menace, 193X SciFi. I was even thinking to myself a couple nights ago, "What about Post-Apocalyptic, but if the apocalypse happened in 1929?"

These are all just brainstorms and whimsies; I'm sure I'll go back to add a couple small things to the tramp steamer, or maybe make another piece of scenery for the Street Corner itself, before I branch out too far.

Oh, and here's a quick comparison shot of my figures and the originals. When you shop for figures, don't just shop for what you see, shop for what could be possible.


  1. A couple of us were going to play All Things Zombie, in 1920's Arkham. The zombies were going to outbreak, and takeover, THEN stuff was going to get WEIRD. It's definitely a ton of fun planning out...

  2. Great looking stuff! I love what you did with all those figs.

  3. GReat as always. Nice to see the conversions next to the originals. amazing what a little subtle converting can do to a set of figures. I think I would rather have your pack than the original.

    Too many guns in everybody's hands. I think the tuxedo guy is more manacing with his cane than a guy with his revolver. Either he has a lot of back up or just doesn't need a gun. Look out for him.

  4. Going into these conversions, I was thinking the football player would be my favorite, but yes, I'm agreeing with a lot of people; the ritzy fellow just seems to have worked out perfectly. Plenty of personality with such a static pose.