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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FFG Prepaint Repaints: Crawling one and hound of Tindalos

Here are my first two repainted Fantasy Flight Games monsters. I love'em. They painted up easily with just a few layers of dry and overbrushing, picking out the details of the eyes, tongue and teeth on the hound.

When the figures arrived, they were glued to their bases, so I hide to carefully cajole/rip them out. Any leftover peg was easily cut away with an Exacto knife. And, as you can see here, I rebased them on a couple lipped display bases.

Priming was easy. I just painted on a couple layers of acrylic black. The acrylic is nice because it's flexible after it has dried, which is important on soft plastic figures such as these. The paint isn't indestructible; it can still be scraped off, but the figures should stand regular handling- at least by those who regular clip their finger nails.

The crawling one, I chose to do in fleshy colors, because I think the human flesh color increases the "horror" factor of the beast by connecting it to humanity in one way. Yet I blended in the purples to emphasize the crawling one's other-worldyness.

The Hound of Tindalos, I kept basic. The colors on this on are a bit brighter than those I painted on Charlie's earlier. I chose the tile floor for the hound because the beast is described as something that hides in the "corners" of time. So I wanted to give him as many corners as I could.

Next up are the Writhing Witherer and the Dark Young. I'm actually a bit stuck as to what colors I'm going to paint these two. Once I choose a palette, though, I'm sure they'll paint up fast.

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  1. The Hound of Tindalos looks perfectly disgusting...Perfect!