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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hippogriff and Beholder repaints

Another couple figures for Jeff. he actually let me borrow these so I could test a couple priming techniques before tackling that black dragon. Since they were both primed, I went ahead and painted them up. They painted up really fast, being almost 90% drybrushed. 

I enjoyed trying something slightly different with the beholder's jewel-like eyes and teeth. I think I want my own beholder now.


  1. Very nice work - the eyes and teeth on the Beholder are brilliant!

  2. Beautiful work.

    That is the coolest color strategy for a Beholder that I have ever seen. Very, very creepy...

  3. Cool stuff. How did you give the Beholder the gem-like eyes and teeth?

  4. The gem-look is actually pretty easy. I just used the method I learned through an old Games Workshop painting book. Here's a summary of that method posted by someone over at Warseer: