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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crappy Miniatures

I'm finally feeling the itch to paint something other than cars; I have a feeling it'll be a few random bits here and there. But one thing I look forward to painting in the future (early next year) are some miniatures created specifically for the Lowlife RPG (Savage Worlds system.)

They are currently over at Kickstarter. Unfortunately, there are no pics of minis yet (only concept art), but I have faith these will be some fun minis- I think it'll be difficult to mess up these sculpts. (I'm even thinking of trying out my own sculpts for the game.)

So have a quick visit over at the Lowlife minis' Kickstarter site to see if there's anything you like; and yes, these are not everybody's cup of tea, but the whole Lowlife concept is done in the name of insane, crazy fun.

("Crappy Miniatures, Carmen?"  Yep, such is the nature of Mutha Oith.)

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