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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Machinas: Vindicta and Artifex Rex

A couple more Machinas cars (and more on the way) to add to the collection. The first one is a '58 Edsel I've named Saint Edsel's Vindicta (revenge -- a reference to the original Edsels being a market failure, and this one returning to show it is not a failure.) I'm happy with its twin cannon, even if they look like a little more than this car can hold. (I actually saw an original Edsel in town last week- it is a LARGE car, that could perhaps sport a pair of old tank guns.)

The other vehicle turned out better than I though. I settled on the paint scheme just a few minutes before loading the brush. This will actually be a race support vehicle (I'm not quite sure how I'll incorporate it; perhaps it'll be some nice scenery.) I like the scheme and might use it on one or two other vehicles, converting them to support vehicles. This vehicle is based on a 1959 Chevy delivery car/van. I've added a push bar/slab and a few .50s on the roof.

As for the Machinas background, this Chevy is the car of the Artifex Rex, the chief priest of the Vestal Mechanics, who are responsible for restoring and repairing all the cars found throughout the Wasteland. The Artifex's car is armed because he must go on frequent trips to races in other cities or to far flung areas where new vehicles have been discovered, and there are hazards across the Wasteland that only a trio of .50s can solve.

The Artifex Rex leads his Vestal Mechanics to a discovery on the Capyooa Plains.

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