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Monday, March 31, 2014

Zombicide: Some survivors and some storage

Here are the first of the survivors from my acquisition of Season 1. They were pretty straight forward to paint. I also ordered some Battlefoam. It won't be nearly enough to hold all of my zombies, but it'll be plenty to hold my survivors from the previous two seasons and probably the third season.

For priming, I'm using Testors Flat Black (1249,) and it must have been formulated specifically for the kind of plastic used for Zombicide: It's about the most durable combination I've experienced. I gave it the old "finger nail" scratch test, and that primer just won't come off!

This is the smaller Toxic City Mall box. Walkers in the
sections along the bottom, and "bigs" and "fasts" in the
upper sections. Plenty of space for more!
OK, it will come off, but it takes some serious scratching, much more than will be encountered on the casual game board. This is just the Flat Black I'm using as primer; the paint is not AS durable, but it's still much better than anything else I have on the shelf. I kind of wish all my figures were molded in this type of plastic now.

So what does this mean? Well, I'm still going to drop my survivors into the Battlefoam for added (and pretty much redundant) protection, but the zombies get to be dropped straight into an extra box! No more searching for expensive options to house 300 zombies. The primer and paint will hold, and if it doesn't, well, these are a breeze to paint. I'm good to go.


  1. Good idea, and I certainly have the extra space in the box to do that.

  2. Love what you've done with the survivors and thanks for the primer tip too

  3. The Survivors look great. Well done. :)

    And to have the courage to store the wonderful Zed horde you have done in the way you are planning - you are a braver man than me! :)

  4. Forgive me if this has already been answered in previous posts... what brand of paints do you use?
    Are they acrylic based?

    I've been a lurking fan for a while...

    Thank you

    1. I use Vallejo (both Model and Game colors.)
      For the skin, I use Foundry's Flesh (No. 5) triad.
      All acrylics over an enamel primer (Testors Flat Black 1249.)

  5. Haha.. I love "D-FENS" on the left there. "We are not the same! I'm an American, you're a zombie ***hole!"