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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Miniatures Kickstarter: Bruce Lee! Dragon Tides!

Photo taken from the Dragon Tides Kickstarter. 
Well this one was a pleasant surprise. It's called Dragon Tides. Look at those sweet-ass figures! Bruce Lee! Brandon Lee! Based on real-life martial artists! Officially licensed by the Lee family! Look at all of those exclamation marks!

Alexander Lim, the project creator says the figures are about 35-40mm (but that includes the base, so probably about 32-37mm heroic sized), which I personally love because they are much easier to paint.

On the KS page, there is also a video on basic gameplay mechanics (I haven't watched it yet.)
There is also a solo mode, which bodes well for me (my friends don't play many minis games.)

Anyway, head on over, check it out, see how you like it! Exclamation marks!!!


  1. I promised myself I wouldn't back any more gaming Kickstarters until I'd painted up or gotten rid of at least 50% of my hoard..... Darn you sir, darn you.

    1. At least this game doesn't have hordes of figures ... yet :)

  2. So curious, who is Train Wong? He doesn't Google very well.
    I'm up to speed on the others, but not him (her?)

  3. Hmm, nope, didn't see his name there. Maybe I should just ask the KS creator :)
    (But -- and I'm going to Hell -- giggle.)

  4. Thanks for the heads up - I'm in...

  5. I will try this figures, too! They look great, indeed! Thank you for sharing -