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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Zombicide: Skinners WIP

The skinner zombie in front is a final version of the palette I'll be using for my monochrome look. These four are otherwise mostly finished (save for some cleanup I need to do to the bases.) I just wanted to get my palette finalized before I launch into painting the bulk of this group of zombies -- I can't wait to paint the crawlers.
Here's the recipe I use (which is easy to recreate from other brands if you choose.)
-- A touch of black mixed with P3 Bootstrap Leather.
-- Bootstrap leather, maybe with a touch of Foundry Base Sand 10A
-- Foundry Base Sand highlight 10A
-- Foundry Raw Linen 30C

The first three colors can just be drybrushed on. I use a finer brush and a slightly more patient hand to do final highlights with the raw linen; in the photo, the zombie out front has the raw linen highlights.
Honestly, I think these look just OK up close, but I still think the overall effect of the mob looks great.

Other things

While, you've been waiting for me to paint miniatures,
I've been off painting random odd things such as pie.
You might have noticed things have been slow here the past couple months. I lost my father at the beginning of January, and it took a lot of energy out of me. He was a lot of the impetus behind my painting (miniatures as well as more traditional arts; I've posted some of his stuff on my blog before.) My dad mostly built model ships from scratch, and my grandfather before him built dollhouses,also from scratch. But I'm the painter in the family line.
I've been trying to get my energy back up so I can get back to the painting table; a lot of the stuff you've seen in the past few weeks that I've painted, I had to push myself to get them finished. 

I have been keeping as creative as I can, otherwise, to keep the brushes moving. A lot of that energy has been applied to putting paint to canvas rather than miniatures. 

But this quick little quartet of zombies felt good -- unforced. So I hope to get back into my regular painting routine soon. I certainly have enough stuff on my table (and more to come; I best hurry.)


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss - I've not commented all that much on this blog, but have been a steady and appreciative lurker for a few years and always enjoyed your stuff... so here's to seeing more as the mojo returns.

  2. A loss like that is never good but I'm sure your dad would want you to get back to doing what you love.
    Abide, dude, abide.

  3. Very sorry to hear of your loss. Like Bob says I'm sure you father and grandfather would want you to honour a family pastime enjoyed by all of your families generations.

  4. Oh dear, that is horrible. I guess I chalked up your slower pace to either the weather or just the waxing and waning of hobby...

    anyway, do what you need to, and it sounds like art is something you need to do.