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Friday, March 25, 2016

Zombicide Black Plague: Survivors

Here are my finished survivors from Zombicide: Black Plague. It was a long process, taking me weeks of on-and-off painting (while I work on my children's book/illustrations.)

It had been a while since I had painted medieval/fantasy figures; I forgot the amount of detail sculptors like to cram into those figures. Ugh. The modern Zombicide figures were great to paint fast -- Shirt, pants, shoes and gun, done -- but the fantasy figures: belts, baldric, armor, satchels, swords, daggers, scabbards, jerkin, boots, overload! But they do look pretty if I can get everything painted properly; half of my problem is identifying many of those details.

Now, I have a bunch of zombies to get done fast (my friends and I are playing on Sunday.) But they'll be getting the monochromatic treatment, so they shouldn't take more than a long afternoon. I'm going to try out brown for my monochromatic base color, and go from there.

Oh right, speaking of the children's book I'm working on -- as a little vanity project, I commissioned Steve Barber (of Steve Barber Models) to sculpt me my little friends who are the subjects of my book. I showed the assembled sculpts in my previous post, but here they are all painted! I have a few more vinyl animals to paint and a couple more sets of Raccoon, Rabbit, Mouse and Duck yet to paint.

I better get them done fast (after my zombies): Just put into the mail are my copy of Soccer City, along with three teams worth of minis. They look a little bit more cartoony, so painting might go quick. I'll get a better idea once I see them in person.


  1. They are beautifully painted!
    Instead of giving the zombies the grey treatment, you may try dipping them. It's what I did to all of them and it was fast and not too bad:

    1. The dip looks ok, but I need to get these done fast (so I don't have time to shop for some dip -- I'm painting the who bunch all today.)

      And I still prefer my drybrushed monochrome look -- that and the figures are almost instantly dry and ready to go :)

  2. Nice, love those animals too - brilliant!

  3. I've seen your cartoons from earlier posts, but to see them transformed into figures is just bloody fantastic! I would love to get some of those for my grand children.


    1. They're not in the catalogue, but I'm pretty sure you could probably email Steve Barber to get a set :)
      There is some assembly (and maybe a little bit of filing to fit.)

      A bit of tech info:
      Mouse is one piece (at 28mm). Raccoon has separate head and tail (and is 54mm tall).
      Rabbit is around 40-50mm and is the most difficult to put together with a separate ear piece as well as separate bottom feet.
      Duck is one piece (at about 40mm.)

      I've scaled them to fit 1:12 scale furniture (technically, they may not be that scale, but that's how big I draw them :)
      I'm lucky to have a local friend with a 3D printer who makes furniture for my set.

    2. By the way, if you (or your grandchildren) would like to see more of Mouse and his friends, I have a Facebook page for them; it's all kid-friendly, too:

  4. Fabulous work Carmen. The Black Plague figures are stonkingly good but I have to say I'm quite enchanted with your storybook characters. Lovely stuff.

  5. Fabulous work Carmen. The Black Plague figures are stonkingly good but I have to say I'm quite enchanted with your storybook characters. Lovely stuff.

  6. Amazing work! Carmen, are you available to do commission painting work? Where are you based?

    1. Thanks.
      Sorry, I don't do commission work. The closest I get to selling painted figures is when I sell off finished stuff. That's why I have this blog, so I can show others how to do it :) (Or at least answer questions on how to do it, since I haven't posted many proper tutorials lately.)
      (And I'm based in Iowa.)