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Friday, April 1, 2016

Space Cadets: Monochrome test

I have a full second set of figures for my Space Cadets game. My first set has been painted and is in full color, but I think I will do my second set in monochrome gray (as was my original intention way back in the beginning during this game's kickstarter campaign.)

This is just a test using one of each of the baddies/aliens in the game. As I do with my Zombicide zombies, I might color code one or two of the similar-looking figures by painting the edge of the base. The thrall (the human fella second from left) has had his face painted with just a little bit of fleshtone to help differentiate him from the others. I don't think it will be enough, so he (and the leader) will probably get the color on their bases.


  1. Something very creepy about the bald headed dudes in black and white. Sort of a vampire/zombie/empty eyed vibe I guess.

    1. Yeah they're very "Nosferatu". Another nice set!