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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zombicide Black Plague: Ablobination

Here's my ablobination. I actually had a couple goes at him; the first paint scheme wasn't working out. It was similar to this one except that the fleshy base had large red, purple and blue "bruising" on a few spots around his body (using the same technique as I used for the purple on this one). But it was a little difficult to control and looked too busy anyway.

This simplified paint job worked better for me. I started with my base white flesh color on the top half of the body and dark purple on the bottom half, keeping the two colors wet so I could blend them in the middle. Subsequent highlights were simply layered on without blending to achieve an easy and simplified blending "effect."

All of my remaining zombie forces are primed. I'll prime survivors as I'm ready to paint them. I still have some Warhammer Empire figures to prime and paint yet.

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