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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Zombicide Black Plague: Notorious WIP

Just showing you an in-progress shot looks like on my table as I paint some monochromatic zombies; mostly so you can see how messy the technique is, and that it's OK to really whip that paint -- don't be timid with your painting! I used my half-inch brush for all three layers of color on these.

This is my collection of NPCs (Notorious Plagues Characters.) I still have yet to clean up the bases with black, and the edge the bases with white so as to identify these zombies as the NPCs. I picked up some crawlers on eBay to add to Black Plague. The skinners/crawlers are my favorite zombie type and easily modded into a game with normal zombies. They're not medieval, but their clothing is ambiguous enough that they can pass.

I also drybrushed some characters (seen in the back row) to make it easier to see detail on them before I paint them more properly. Hopefully, I'll get the characters started this week.


  1. Nicely done ! Can I ask you which colors did you use ?

  2. Thank you -- I used the same colors as my skinner zombies from Rue Morgue:
    -- A small amount of black mixed with P3 (Privateer) Bootstrap Leather.
    -- Bootstrap leather, maybe with a touch of Foundry Base Sand 10A
    -- Foundry Base Sand highlight 10A
    -- Foundry Raw Linen 30C

    Most combinations of a dark brown/brown highlight will work.
    Don't forget to watch the video! :)

  3. Your Heroes and monsters look awesome. Where did you find your custom crawler zombies? Did a few ebay searches and google and no luck. Tried searching for 28mm zombies and crawler zombies. Do you remember how you found them?

    1. On eBay, look up "Zombicide Skinner crawlers," or just "Zombicide skinners."
      Skinners are the type of zombie. They're modern zombies, but some of them are generic enough to sneak into the Black Plague hordes.