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Friday, December 11, 2020

40mm Jousting Knight

When you buy one of these, you get all of this!

Such a great figure from Steve Barber Models, this one kit can be used to build several variations of a jousting knight (at the 40mm scale). I commissioned this piece a year or two ago and was not disappointed with what Steve sculpted for me. (By the way, need a mini sculpted? Steve Barber has a commission service that has very reasonable prices, and he is willing to sculpt anything from 10mm to 54mm. Check it out!)

Now, this figure does take some expert modelling skills to assemble, and there will be some seams to smooth out and a gap or two to fill, but the result is rewarding -- it's also one heavy miniature; that horse is almost solid metal!

My first knight -- a little too vanilla, but I'll
try something a little more intricate with No. 2

I also asked Steve not to add too many folds/wrinkles to the mantle over the horse so that painters could have a nice large swath to paint whatever heraldry they dared tackle. 

"What on earth can I use a 40mm jousting knight for?"

Well, I commissioned this piece so I could play some jousting game(s). Sure, there are plenty of 28mm knight minis already on the market, but since a jousting game takes up such a small footprint, I wanted to make it almost a display piece in its own right, so I bumped the knight up to 40mm. Now, he's small enough to store away easily, but large enough he can sit on a shelf, look great, and gather dust. Some day, I want to add some more customization elements (helms, shields, crests, new lance, lance decorations, new horse pose etc), as well as foot knights, servants, squires, heralds -- basically, everyone else who worked at tournament. 


  1. Great figure and painting! Rare scale though :)

  2. Indeed; I chose the scale since I’d be using these only for jousting games and ease of painting 🙂

  3. ... and 54mm was a little too expensive for me to commission at the time, but would have been ideal