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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pulp boxers WIP

Copplestone Castings GN-13 Street Toughs. The figure to the left has had his hat removed and (greenstuff) hair added. The middle figure has had his bat removed, and the last figure has been given a knit longshoreman's cap.
The fourth figure from the Street Toughs set showing the
original to the left, and my conversion to the right.
Just a quick update on my latest pulp boxers. They're converted, based (painted) and flesh bits painted. There isn't any space in my small Chessex case for the fourth figure in the set, so I had some fun with him and converted him into "The Old Man," Sailor Steve Costigan's captain on the Seagirl. He was converted using the same figure pictured next to him in the photo. Honestly, it was a quick and dirty conversion- extending the coat into a ragged pea coat, and adding a big, gray beard. He'll have a nice home as the new captain of my river steamer Mary Ellen Carter. I'll have to start converting a crew for him to command.
It's been a hectic week at work, but I'm finding a few minutes of my rare moments at home to paint these boxers. I'm going to try to finish one or two this weekend.