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Monday, February 28, 2011

Street Corner: Apple stand

Here's another piece I put together for my Gangster era street corner. It was a simple card and basswood construction. The idea for this little structure came to mind when I discovered I had this little potbelly stove in my bits box. So the whole thing was built to give that little stove a reason to be.

The street lamp was made from a couple pieces of wooden dowel, brass rod, a piece of greenstuff for the bulb, and a hoplite shield for the shade.

The apples were sculpted out of greenstuff using the same technique I used to texture the skin on my shoggoth: I used the tip of a retractable pen (with tip retracted) and simply pressed lightly into a bed of greenstuff to form a perfect little domed mound. I used a needle to poke dimples into each apple (where the stems attach; and no, I didn't sculpt stems.) A little red paint with green patches completed my apples. You could use this same technique to make oranges or tomatoes, too.

I made the table of apples a separate piece only so that the whole stand would fit into a Chessex box. Yep, this next project will all fit into a Chessex box- about 40 figures tentatively planned, along with enough terrain to fill a street corner. In fact, I think I will simply call this project, "Street Corner." So far it includes this apple stand, my newspaper stand, ad post, dumpster with trash, crates and trash cans, and all my boxer figures (the street corner is originally for them to fight over.) Along with the figures I've ordered to convert into a tramp steamer crew, I've ordered a few of Copplestone's gangster civilians to populate the street corner. After they're finished, I'll look into perhaps getting a few gangsters to finish filling the Chessex box.

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  1. Excellent scratch looks great. The set up reminds me of the PC game Mafia.