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Friday, February 18, 2011

Street brawl! Copplestone Castings street toughs (group shots)

Big ruckus in downtown Arcadia again! Seems some of the boys off the pier got into a scrap with a few landlubbers!
Here they are, all the fighters I'll be using for whatever boxing/smoking/brawling/bar fighting game comes my way. This is three sets of converted Copplestone's GN-13 Street Toughs set (minus a couple figures), and one set (minus one figure) of his beat cops.

It seems one of the unsporting bezarks has brought a bat!
A few of the fellas will make sure he won't be leavin' with it, though.

Arcadia's* finest show up to preserve disorder.
Hmm, I wouldn't say no to purchasing all the gangsters again, and having a go at them in color this time around. Perhaps purchase a new Chessex case? 80 gangsters and civilians? I don't think there are 80 figures (the number a Chessex case will hold) in Copplestone's Gangster range, but there are certainly enough figures there for me to convert into 80 figures. Or I could use the extra space to keep all my cars and the news and hotdog stands.

Hmm, again. Hmmmmmm....

*Note: Arcadia is a fictional city I created (complete with street map, landmarks and clubs and restaurants guide, a who's who of city government, etc, et al) to play some pulp Savage Worlds a few years back. It was for this game that I originally painted my gangsters in black and white. The color even had something to do with the story (the game slowly evolved into a weird-pulp genre. We all definitely had some fun. Perhaps some color gangsters to carry on the story?)


  1. Copplestone's figure do look nice. Very nice photos.

  2. Great scene!
    Where did you get the cars?

  3. The cars were German staff cars I found on clearance at Walmart a few years ago.
    If you go looking for some, the only documentation I can find on the undersides of the cars is, "N M Toys" and "Made in P.R.C."

    They're diecast with plastic chassis and rubber tires.

    I wish I had bought more- they were only $3 each at the time.

  4. It's been a year since the last comment but I'm definitely interest in using Savage Worlds for pulp miniature games. Any info you want to share?

  5. Hi, Norm,
    I used the Savage Worlds system straight up (with my own homebrew world), employing the minis during combat situations (Savage Worlds combat is good enough as a standalone skirmish game.)

    What kind of info would you like?

  6. Hi Carmen! I'm not sure if you're still around.(Especially since this is such an old page) But these are excellent and I'm finally trying to paint my old gangsters. Can you please do some pics of individual or smaller group pieces? Also where did you get your vehicles? Is there a site or brand name? If needed you can send me the info direct. Thanks

    1. I'm still around! (I get email notifications anytime a comment is left anywhere on my blog.) I don't post as often as I once did, but I keep an eye on things, still.
      My gangsters are somewhere in storage, but there are a few close(er)-up shots of the figures around my blog. There's a search bar where you can search just my blog: Look up "gangsters," and you should find what you're looking for.
      The vehicles I got on clearance from Walmart probably about 10 years ago. I don't remember the brand. Most 1/43 scale cars should work, though.
      Good luck with your gang!