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Thursday, September 8, 2011

New school RoboRally bots

Here are (most of) the plastic robots from the 2005 release of RoboRally. It was difficult to get into the mood to paint these; I'm not fond of the soft plastic (though, I understand these are super-durable and will stand up to hours of handling, moving, rotating, reversing and U-turning,) but I got through them. They're not my favorite paint job (and nowhere near my best), but they're (finally, after 6 years) painted, you can tell which robot is yours by shape OR color, and each of these seven bots matches a set of dice I put together for playing RoboDerby (which some of my friends seem to prefer over RoboRally.)

My only concern is that these are not properly primed. The spray primer left them tacky (due to the soft plastic,) so I went over them with a couple thin layers of black, instead, before painting. Hopefully, my group can get a few games in to see how long the paint lasts until it starts chipping off.

(Note: Hammerbot is the one missing from this photo.)


  1. They look great. Robo rally is a maddening game ;) I always want to paint such minis when I play boardgames, I just never get around to it. Just recently I was playing Drakon and thought "I really should paint these".

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the chipping. I regularly paint soft plastic insects and such as giant insects for my post apoc games, and while they may get a little tacky with the first coat, I hit em again(with walmart or dollar general black) and then paint over em. I had not had chips or wears yet. they'll be fine.

    Look good though. Would be fun to play with them.

  3. Thanks for putting the plastic ones up. I do see what you mean, if not for your great paint job (really) I would be depressed having these figures. At least if I do pick up the game I now know that I can make the figs presentable. Eye candy is everything after all;)