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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tarzan/Conan, King of the jungles of Hyboria

Here's an excellent Reaper Chronoscope figure with a quick paint job thrown on. This is No. 50237 Jungle Lord. I was pulled to this figure because to me, he looks more like Conan than Tarzan; but I can accept him as either/or. He also fits in either my collection of Conan (and other fantasy figures) or as a tangent to my Street Corner collection as the jungle man (more specifically as a character confronted with my Tramp Steamer and crew.)

The paint job is a bit rushed; it took only 30 minutes to paint this figure entirely, but I think he turned out just dandy. I needed to get this figure done, so that I felt like I wasn't wandering too far from painting, hence the rushed job. I still want to get the few Street Corner civilians on my table painted up. Hopefully, I'll get to them sooner than later.


  1. I once painted the Foundry Tarzan. The trouble is that I am visually challenged colour-wise - and so I gave him purple hair.

  2. That just makes him comic-booky.