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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Riding Hood

"Red Riding Hood." That was the only request from Jeff when he asked me to paint this elf for him. I painted her a layer at a time, in those little breaks between other figures. I think it took me about 6 months to get her finished. I kept the scheme simple.

Really, the only thing that makes her Red Riding Hood is the red cloak. The rest, I kept very elfish -- mostly cliche -- but I know that's how Jeff likes his figures. He gives me a lot of leeway, but he has his preferences which he doesn't always tell me, but I've learned over the past couple years painting for him. In any case, as long as the paint job is clean and competent, Jeff will be happy.

I'm still not quite in the painting mood. I was gonna try to jumpstart painting this evening by painting my few pulp figures, but I realized only after I dipped the brush in paint that I had forgot to check those figures to make sure they were entirely primed. So I finished some priming touchup on the pulp figures, and in the meantime, pulled Riding Hood off the shelf and finished her.

I've been touching the future with my thoughts about what to paint next- as in what project. I'm no where close to deciding, but it's a good sign that I'm about ready to start painting in earnest, again. One minor project I was thinking about was doing a couple arena officials for my apocalators, or maybe a couple post-apoc civilians/spectators with all the trimmings (shopping cart, trash bags, backpack, coats, blankets, food cans etc.) All in good time. The weather is slowly getting cooler, so I'll soon be stuck indoors with little to do.

The figure is Reaper's No. 3166 Alistrilee, Elf Archer.


  1. yes, fall leading to winter alays mean more production for me as well. Looking forward to seeing what your next project may be.

  2. Very nice paintjob, clear, simple and still elvish. For the record, I've bought and primed the very same mini for a Song of Blades and Heroes elvish warband. Your work is very inspiring, thank you.