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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Iotacorp: A few more pics

I just wanted to throw up a few more pics to give a more complete view of my Dreadball team.
Also, here's my team's background copied over from the Mantic forums. Next up, I think I'll paint up my Lucky Joe figure using the Rockets' colors. Then maybe I'll start on the orcs.

The small company IotaCorp was named after the far-flung system on which it was founded, Iota Secunda. IotaCorp (secretly) specializes in designing and manufacturing weaponized nano-drones built using atomic-level sized parts, (unofficially) for use in assassination; It's rumored that IotaCorp's largest contract is with Corp Central (and possibly even the Council of Seven.) To deal with this rumor and preserve its true commercial purpose, IotaCorp (and its handlers) opted for the ploy of hiding in the open, so they founded a Dreadball team, the Rockets.

At all IotaCorp Rockets' games, fans are treated to ads lauding IotaCorp's " ... advances in surveillance, internal tech diagnostics and advanced subatomic medicine. Because when your life is on the line, the little things matter. IotaCorp: We deal in details."

The Rockets have yet to win a championship, or even to advance much in postseason league play. But they continue to play, disseminating the company's message while hiding its true machinations.


  1. They look great. Im going to buy it next week. Your pics have spurred me on ha

  2. Awesome job. I have not made any progress beyond the Ref and 88 so far. The 25mm size was a bit of a surprise for me. Very small details on these figures. Will take a little getting used to.

    1. Yeah, the size was a bit jarring at first (especially after painting 54mm figures), but I got used to it after a few figures.