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Monday, December 3, 2012

Varp Krigarr

Oy, it's been a while since I finished something. Today's something is a Varp Krigarr figure from Red Box Games. I kept the painting on this one simple; I just applied my 5-layer flesh recipe, rusted up his sword, vegetated the base and called it done. He's so naked, he's not even wearing tattoos.

Though the painting was simple, I spent a little time slightly reposing this figure. Originally, he was walking on level ground, dragging whatever huge weapon you chose to arm him with. My intent was to give him an axe, but to do so, I needed to raise the figure's front a bit to allow space between the ground and the axe blade. After I bent his forward leg a bit (in the wrong direction), I noticed he looked like he was taking a step up, so I went with it, placing the rock under this leading leg. It was a last-minute decision to give him a sword instead of an axe (sword being my preferred D&D weapon.)

And a last minor note: This is my first figure based on one of Proxie Models' bases. It works great. Even though the lip was slight, there was still enough to fill with green stuff, allowing for flagstones to be carved out. The lower base also feels MUCH more stable, especially with this slightly larger, top-heavy figure.


  1. Wow, the skin turned out really great! And your conversion work made it much better, in my opinion. Proof that a mini doesn't have to be laden with gear and nubbins to look interesting. Only one "nubbin" here O_O