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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Snails. Why? Because snails.

I felt like throwing together my own little extras for my copy of Mice and Mystics. I'm not sure what I'm going to use the snails for, but they helped to scratch a bit of the sculpting itch, and they look just so ding-danged cute.

These were EASY to make. I sculpted a somewhat-snail shaped body out of Sculpey. The I rolled out a sausage of Sculpey that tapered to one end. I coiled the sausage up and that was the shell. Then I rolled out a few eye stalks with green stuff.

After everything was baked or cured, I drilled out some holes in the snail heads and glued in the eye stalks. A quick black prime and some random drybrushing (with a few added stripes on one snail) and the smails were done.

I mounted them on 30mm Proxie Model bases (since they were close in size to the large base size for the Mice and Mystics game.)

I had some Sculpey snails from a few years ago that I was going to use for a racing game (for which I never created rules nor found a published ruleset to strip down.) Since these were so easy, I may do three or four more and do racing snails anyway. If for anything, I could give these to little cousins and I'm sure they'll make up their own rules.


  1. Very cool really like them. Perhaps use them as pack animal type creatures.

  2. Racing snails... Now that's a gaming experience. These are great sculpts, something so simple can really pop with personality if it's done right, with skill and a sense of fun :)