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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Samurai AAR: Kanezane's obligation

"Clear the road, Ronin!"
Kiyomori the bodyguard already had his hand on the hilt of his katana. He fully intended to use it against any who threatened his master, Sugita Onosaki, chief of the Akusa gang.

The ronin stepped away from the shrine at which he was praying. He spoke in almost a whisper.
"I, Kanezane, masterless warrior of the Shichirobei School, was paid by the peasants to kill you, Sugita Onosaki. The Akusa end today."
No more words were spoken, except what blades say on the wind.

Kiyomori drew first and attacked the ronin. It was a strong attack, but the ronin riposted, ripping a deep gash into the bodyguard's chest. The bodyguard fell to the ground, but he was still alive, if barely.

Sugita had planned to stand back and wait for Kiyomori to finish or at least weaken the ronin, but it was obvious that would not happen. So Sugita drew his own blade and attacked. Unfortunate for him, his experience was in bullying the weak, not dueling the strong. Kanezane cut past Sugita's poorly executed parry and deep into his chest, as is the Shichirobei tactic, killing the Akusa boss instantly.

Despite his gaping wound, Kiyomori was able to rise and take his stance. Kanezane obliged the warrior and the two crossed blades. Weakened as he was, Kiyomori was able to parry Kanezane's strong attacks, though the bodyguard did take light wounds to his leg and arms. 

What little strength he had remaining, he threw into one final attack against the ronin, but to no avail. Kanezane slipped one final cut across Kiyomori's chest, killing him outright.

"This was a strong warrior," thought Kanezane. "For his honorable strength, I shall add a prayer for him. And for his master, a thousand curses."


  1. As always... very very intertaining... Must soon get some dolls on the table and have a go at RSBS...

  2. Looking forward to the next six ! Will you photograph them in B&W ?

    Your little stories are always entertaining and excellently illustrated.