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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Le nez est tres grand

OK, technically speaking, Cyrano de Bergerac comes about 50 years after the time period I'm trying to represent (early Elizabethan.) But when you have fire-belching matchlockes and long, pretty swords, there's no way you can't have Cyrano join in the fun.

This is another Foundry swashbuckler. I've used green stuff to add the nose and the feather (his panache!) He has also benefited from a new rapier blade pounded out of brass rod.

A note on the blades: I hammered them out as straight as I could, but there was a lot of filing with the smaller files to finish the blades. I filed the edges to even out the blades and to give a square cross section (for strength.) Then I filed the sides of the blades a little bit, so that they would better accept the paint. They glimmer nicely in the light.


  1. Have you sharpened the edges of the blade to stop anyone using it to pick the figure up? a mistake they would only make once I think!

    Actually I can tell from the pic that you haven't - very considerate of you! ;)

    A very nice paint job there - I am very envious!

  2. Good work, a brilliant mini. A greeting.

  3. Super nice conversion and coloring. You gotta love that old guy!

  4. Very good figure and painting work ! I love his nose !

  5. Beautiful paintjob, splendid colors...and nose..."Pour pendre son chapeau c'est vraiment très commode !"...
    Great blog too, I'll come back!

  6. Some subtle, but really gorgeous work there.