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Monday, September 2, 2013

Pirate with peppermint pants

One of the colors I could have cared less about in the Reaper High Density series was the turquoise; what in the hell would I do with that?

Well, I tried it out on this pirate, and the color looks fantastic! But unfortunately, this photo shows nowhere near how beautiful this color looks in person.

Oh well. At least this pirate as a whole looks nice. I think this one is my new favorite of those finished so far, if only for the combination of colors used. I'll plop that turqoise on one more pirate - I don't want to overdo it because it will be noticeable -- but the color certainly should be used.

A minor note, for highlighting, I added increasing (but tiny) amounts of flesh highlight.

Entrails Pink, now that's the new "What the hell will I do with that" color.

Another color note: I've finally rebuilt (sort of) my flesh recipe using Vallejo and Reaper HD paints. I say, "sort of" because of the three colors I'm using, two are colors I had to mix. Though, I've found a close-enough color for one of the mixes. This figure was done with the new recipe. The tinkering goes on!

Edit: I don't normally do this, but I used Photoshop to try to better bring out the true color of the shirt. The turquoise by Reaper has a lot more blue than green, though, this may have been a byproduct of me using the flesh paint as a highlight mixer. The base coat did have quite a but of green in it.


  1. very nice work on the pants, flesh and shirt!

  2. marvellous. again! I can learn so much seeing your work. Thank you so much for this eyecandies!!